L3gitByPa$$ GMS V 1.4

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L3gitByPa$$ GMS V 1.4

Post  Taveon on Tue Dec 27, 2011 4:55 pm

Here it is. Finally,a public bypass.


First, before you use this you must be on GMS.
You have to be on threw Game lancher mode. Once your on first you wanna goto control panel
and disable loop adpaters AND hamachi. Next you wanna run the program as ADMINISTROR.

Now you push "Disable HS Adpaters." After that you have to retart your computer.
(you did all of that first because its getting it reconigized and will automacticly disable hs
the next time you load maplestory." Ok now open game lancher. Run the program NOT as
admin now. get on maple. push disable hs apapters. And then congratioulations, youve disabled Hack shield and you have a Bypass.

-i will try my best to update it

DOWNLOAD LINK (mediafire): http://www.mediafire.com/?92h2wdjrothg79b

Taveon (A Squad Leader) (the one who coded it)
Microsoft. (i used C++ miscroft program).

EDIT- Im working on making the format better and making it a .DLL. If this isnt working for some users then im trying my best to improve it. please rate and comment.


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