Dupe Methods {RELEASED}

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Dupe Methods {RELEASED}

Post  Taveon on Tue Dec 27, 2011 11:40 pm

Ok so ive decided to release the dupe methods for GMS (Working as of v104.8 GMS)

1) Open mushy.Put the items in you wanna dupe.Have your second account come buy them. Then trade your characters. Then have the character with the items cc. Then you channel crash or server crash to cause you to have a small roll back. If all works you will have the items and account B will have the itms.

2) Drop items really fast (mostly theres a program for them). Have account b loot them. trade eachother. Then warp to a glitched map and repeat steps and your items will be duping.

Have Fun.
(i dont know any of the packets or the programs used for duping)

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