A $quad Public Bypass (Limited Time Only)

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A $quad Public Bypass (Limited Time Only)

Post  Taveon on Wed Dec 28, 2011 12:36 am

This is A $quad's Public bypass. Me and the squad put it together, its faster and easier than the first bypass. **Limited TIME ONLY**

User ID: asquappublicbp
Password: limited


Disable A/B (This is beta also, wont auto ban you but might not work)
GM Dector (This is Beta, this might auto ban you)

Instructions (yes there instructions):
1) Run Maple
2) Run Program as ADMIN
3) Type in the user ID and Pass i provided up top
4)Tick disable Loopadaptors FIRST
5) Then tick Disable Hack Shield

**Only works when maplestory is ran threw gamelancher other wise
you might experiences d/c After every 10-30 minuets**

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